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It all began with an innovative idea to bring quality gourmet coffee drinks closer to our customers. Getting gourmet coffee to go is now simpler than ever, thanks to our Kiosks and patented Automated Barista process. Customizable premium coffee drinks with premium roasted beans, fresh milk, and quality gourmet syrups are ready for you in under a minute with just a few clicks, saving you time. Every Perfecto Coffee customer is guaranteed a delicious cup of coffee, just the way they like it because our team never compromises on our relentless standard of quality and service.
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Hi, my name is Bruce Long. I'm the founder of Perfecto Coffee. I'm also a military veteran of 15 years in the United States Marine Corps. Due to several injuries that I endured during my time of service, I was forced to retire. However, this gave me an opportunity to focus on the next chapter of my life and fulfill a lifelong dream that I've had since being a young man, and that's becoming an entrepreneur. Our benefits include enabling staff and customers to self-service premium coffee drinks with freshly-ground whole beans, real soy milk or dairy milk, and gourmet syrups in under a minute. Saving employee's time before and during work hours. Users can totally customize their recipes on our touch screen, and create their very own coffee beverage for them, by them or choose from our standard menu. Our ideal client would be an organization looking to provide gourmet coffee to their workforce and or a client at no cost to the consumer or clients can opt to take advantage of our profit-sharing model. Our coffee has received great reviews from both coffee drinkers and non-coffee drinkers alike. Don't take my word for the quality of our coffee. Connect with us and taste it yourself. I promise you, it's PERFECTO!

- Bruce Founder & CEO
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